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<h2> Metal Roofing</h2>
Haro's Roofing is proud to offer Armadura Manufacturing Roofing System. Armadura Manufacturing Roofing Systems have been around since 1993. Manufactured by Canadians for our Canadian climate for over 20 years of durable, stylish and economical perfection. Our goal is to provide high quality metal roofing products that endure the elements at a competitive price.
<h2> Asphalt Roofing</h2>
Our roofers are certified and have worked with us for at least 5 years. Day after day, we strive to provide quality work that meets your expectations and is delivered on time.Our work, which carries a guarantee of superior watertightness, will be carried out in accordance with your budget, your taste and the style of your building.
<h2> Asphalt Roofing</h2>
Haro's Roofing has been serving Alberta for almost 10 years, and has developed a focus on customer satisfaction. Many older homes require a complete tare down and rebuild, and we are happy to share our expertise. We would also be happy to help you love your home again by installing MAINTENANCE-FREE updates. A little preventative maintenance today means no troubles and less costs tomorrow.
<h2> Asphalt Roofing</h2>
Proper soffit installation is an important part of any home’s exterior as it bridges the gap between the siding and the end of your roof. At Haro's Roofing we guarantee that your soffit installation will keep your roof protected and looking great for years to come. Call us today or get your FREE ESTIMATE.

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